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Patagonia Fjords

Patagonia Fjords    |    The Rugged Frontier

 March 28 - April 5th 2020 (9 days)

$2,995 - $4,995 (sliding scale w/ limited Low Income spots)

This Patagonia Fjord trip will be suitable for all as we are supported by our own boat and skiff for disembarking. If you are looking for a unique experience traveling into stunning, incredible, and remote places on the planet there is no other trip that will provide more value and a richer experience than the Patagonia Fjords. It will be fall in Patagonia so the rain-forests will have interesting colors. We'll travel in the Fjords to huge glaciated peaks, volcanoes, frozen ice fields, lagoons, rain-forests, and turquoise lakes/rivers unique to this part of the world.

The boat includes all meals, and lodging. We will take good weather opportunities to  disembark to scouted areas, do back country travel, camp, and shoot good light whenever, and where ever possible. Although we'll be focusing on (5) areas, we will have the flexibility to change plans, chase light, or disembark. Physically, this trip can be as challenging, or easy as you choose. Disembarking from the boat is optional, and the Patagonia Fjordlands has very challenging terrain in some locations. 

Please contact me in the link above for further details. 

Below are a few photographs from the guide of some of the potential locations. 

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